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Pursuing craftsmanship & innovation whilst creating accessibility to specialty coffee.”
- Mission statement, Catalyst Coffee

It’s been 7 months since we opened our doors to Catalyst Coffee, marked on September 1st, and we sincerely like to thank you all who has supported us along the way. We’ve managed to build really good relationships with our customers, and humbly, the numbers are still growing. Sometimes we call our shop ‘community centre’ as we’ve become such good friends with them, and it’s so comfortable for everyone that it feels like we’re chatting in our lounge room.

This year, so far, had been quite a journey to us. Started from, literally, demolishing the place to even be able to build our shop, we covered ourselves in dust and paint for two whole months. We were builders and painters more than baristas, but looking back now, this was a really good learning process to building foundation in our trust. We came across many problems however, managed to get through laughing most of the time, because we knew we wouldn’t have got through if we didn’t have each other. We were extremely lucky to even just have this best business partner, but our luck didn’t stop there. We had different strengths to cover each other’s weaknesses. Thinking of how we met back in 2014, and how the space for Catalyst Coffee came available after lease of 32 years by a lady’s fashion shop, we can say, by fate, pieces were starting to come together.

February 1st was the big day. On the espresso bar, we had the natural Ethiopian, Ninety Plus Maker Series Hanna Teramoto, the best coffee ever to showcase ourselves. We work with local roasters for our espresso coffees, and kindly, Red Rabbit Coffee Co., just ten minutes drive from us, roasted the coffee amazingly. Since then, we have run seven other coffees as below.

Red Rabbit
- Finca Florencia, Hondurus
- El Socorro, Guatemala
- Tiamana, Colombia
- Nyarusiza, Rwanda
- Guji Gigesa, Ethiopia
- Guareque, Colombia
- Chelelektu, Ethiopia

To the contrary, filter bar was more crazy as we’re constantly running two coffees at a time, and working with four international roasters in rotation each month.

Catalyst Coffee + Red Rabbit
- Ninety Plus Maker Series Hanna Teramoto

Onibus Coffee
- Santa Barbara, Honduras
- Rusizi, Rwanda
- La Libertad, Guatemala
- Gikirima, Kenya
- Chelelektu, Ethiopia
- Nyakabuye, Rwanda
- Huila, Colombia
- El Divino, Colombia

Market Lane Coffee 
- Airuma, Brazil
- Finca Bellavista, Colombia
- Sao Judas, Brazil
- La Loma, Colombia
- Santa Isabel, Guatemala
- El Aguila, El Salvador
- Kiambui, Kenya

Tim Wendelboe
- Finca Tamana, Colombia
- Chorongi Nyeri, Kenya
- Hunkute Sidama, Ethiopia
- Kapsokisio, Kenya
- El Puente, Hondurus
- Kagumioni, Kenya

The Barn
- Nano Challa, Ethiopia
- Santa Rosa 1900, Costa Rica
- El Durazno, Guatemala

25 coffees on the filter bar in 7 months is almost insane, but even on the espresso bar, it is more than one coffee per month on average. This is pretty satisfying for us because going back to our mission statement, we want to make specialty coffee more accessible to our customers.

Catalyst [kat-l-ist]
1. Chemistry. a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.
2. Something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.
3. A person or thing that precipitates an event or change.

We interpret this word as “the beginning of change”. We were able to meet and become good friends with our customers because we started Catalyst, our first time customers experiencing specialty coffee because we started Catalyst, and having the honour to work with our suppliers who are the specialists in what they do because we started Catalyst. We will keep changing and evolving, because we are Catalyst.

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