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The New Chapter

The New Chapter

Time flies. Catalyst has gone into the 2nd year and 4 more months has past. Until now, we have been serving coffees from local roasters on our espresso bar starting from Red Rabbit, Altezano Brothers to Ozone. Serving different coffees from different roasters were exciting and we learnt a lot from it, however, it is time for us to step up and start roasting on our own.

Roasting has always been on our priority list from day 1. There are a few reasons behind the thought but the main one reflects back to our mission statement “Pursuing craftsmanship & innovation whilst creating accessibility to specialty coffee.” No doubt all the roasters we worked with supplied us with great coffees but we want the freedom to choose and explore from all the accessible green coffees (unroasted coffees) out there. Finding the green coffee that suits our style takes some effort, so it was a bonus that Xin used to roast at her old work in Singapore and the roasting part didn’t have to become a whole new skill to learn.

We have cupped many coffees over the past few months to decide on which origin we want to serve. Our experience have really helped us decide on the coffee we chose. Then we did some experiments on the new Stronghold roaster which uses new technology with halogen as the heat source. We cupped batch after batch to understand how the roaster works and how the coffee we chose would react to the changes in the roasting profile. Finally we have come to find a roast that we like and we have just roasted our first batch to serve on our espresso bar. This will be available next week so stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook post! Currently, we are experimenting on coffee bags to see the difference in flavour from different materials used for the bag. Design is almost locked in.

Catalyst is ready to move onto the next chapter.

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