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About Us

Our Name
Catalyst signals the beginning of change.

This could be a new relationship made in a cafe, a new coffee experience or the chemical reaction that takes place when hot water is poured over ground beans.

Our Service
We offer single origin everything, coffee, tea and chocolate too. This means you will know the country, farm and story of your drink.

We started roasting in June 2018 and the coffee we offer will change with the seasons. We choose to roast our coffee medium to light in order to showcase and preserve the origin's flavour as much as possible.

We also partner with selected international roasters and rotate them monthly.

Our Story
Catalyst Coffee was founded by two national barista champions from different countries. Hanna and Xin Yi met in Rimini, Italy, at the World stage both representing their countries as competitors in 2014.

The night before the competition started, Hanna had dinner with a group of people from Australia and New Zealand. Xin Yi was there as well as she was working for Common Man Coffee Roasters which is in partnership with Five Senses Coffee.

The next morning at backstage, They found their designated tables next to each other. This is how they became friends. Friendship stayed long and strong that Xin Yi decided to move over to Auckland and start business with Hanna.

Our Achievements
[Hanna Teramoto]
2014 New Zealand Barista Champion
2014 FHA Asia/Pacific Barista Champion
2013, 2016 New Zealand Barista Championship - runner up

[Xin Yi Loke]
2016 Finalist judge in Singapore Barista Championship
2015 Top 6 Singapore Barista finalist
2014 Singapore Barista Champion